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Hey, you don’t have to be a doctor to know when a weight loss program works and when it doesn’t – you either lose the weight and keep it off, or you don’t.

All those other diets you've done were pretty HARD WORK, weren't they? 

And I'll bet they took a LONG TIME to work ... and of course, it was a huge STRUGGLE to MAINTAIN that weight-loss long term, wasn't it?

The bottom line is, when you're losing weight by working AGAINST your body and AGAINST your own needs and wants, THE WEIGHT NEVER STAYS OFF, does it?
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I know firsthand how the effects of extra weight have a way of creeping up on you… one moment you’re feeling okay and the next… well, where did all that flab come from?!

But I’ve got a way to lose fat for real that can change your life forever… it did for me, and it has for thousands of others who have tried it!

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I’m so proud to be able to tell you about a revolutionary new way for women everywhere to lose unwanted fat and inches, drop pants and dress sizes and start feeling healthier, slimmer and sexier than ever!

The Trimmer Method program is your only real option for losing weight, easily and without any of the hassles of traditional dieting, exercise or so-called weight loss systems

The Trimmer Method is a pioneering new approach to weight loss and healthy living that is shocking people everywhere… because it is so EFFECTIVE and so FUN TO DO!

When you follow this life-enhancing program,it’s actually almost impossible not to lose weight… and if you have 'lots to spare', that's how much you'll lose.
If you have pounds to spare, NOW is your chance to get rid of them for good!

Based on the essential secrets of lasting good health..

The Trimmer Method doesn’t involve dieting or extreme workouts.
It doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with restrictive eating or calorie counting.
There are no supplements, meal-replacement shakes, or weird surgical procedures involved.

In fact, as you’ll quickly discover, The Trimmer Method actually requires you to eat more to lose more!

The secret lies in choosing the foods you most want to eat, and never, EVER depriving yourself.

Sounds almost crazy, doesn't it?

But don’t worry… there are NO nasty “hidden surprises” included in this plan.

You’ll be eating more of what you love in greater portions than you believed would ever be possible.

I Want To Start Gaining By Losing BIG Pounds Right Now. 
Yes, It Really IS That Amazing!

But, how could it be possible for you to finally lose pounds and inches – melting away that annoying flab after so many tries – by eating more of what you love?

That’s not what those other weight loss programs tell you, is it?
It’s not what those systems that require you buy their food have said, right?
And, it’s not what common sense tells you about dieting and losing weight, is it?
You are 100% correct... 
you haven’t heard any of this before, and there’s a HUGE reason why that is…
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The Diet Industry Has Lied To You.
You Need To Hear The Facts NOW!
When it comes to struggling with weight loss, you must know that you are NOT at fault.
The diet industry has made it impossible for you to know how to eat correctly.
Weight-loss companies have created products and services that help you lose a couple of pounds - but which require you to continue 'needing' their services in order to maintain that weight-loss.
Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe you lost some weight using a popular service, but then balked at the ongoing fees and quit your membership ...

... and almost as soon as you stopped using their expensive services, the weight CREPT BACK ON?

It's a sad story, and one that's all too common.(The WORST part is that most people wind up thinking that their "failure" was somehow THEIR OWN FAULT ... and end up even more sad and discouraged than before!)

Not only do you end up carrying around even more embarrassing weight, but you also feel like a failure and totally responsible for how you look and feel.

Shame on them. Shame on those in multi-BILLION dollar diet industry who are hurting millions of sad, confused, overweight peopleNeed proof that they don’t want to see you skinny?

If you have stubborn fat that just won’t go away, you’re probably a victim of one or more of their…

5 "Fat-Making" Lies
That Are Keeping You From Losing Weight
Fiction #1
“You must eat fewer calories if you want to lose weight.”

The Facts:

Restrictive diets that limit the number of calories you eat actually HURT your metabolism! Sure, you'll experience short-term weight loss, but the pounds WILL come back as soon as you quit depriving yourself.

Even worse, they'll bring a few of their buddies along with them ... and they'll be that much harder to shift, next time you try another diet.

Truthfully, the only thing that works long-term is to EAT SO MUCH FOOD that your metabolism never suspects a thing. You want to keep that fat-burning thermostat turned up to the MAXIMUM!

And for most people, that means eating MUCH, MUCH MORE than they're used to eating ...... and, better yet, with NO guilt and NO feelings of deprivation, cravings, or self-denial!With The Trimmer Method, you’ll learn how you can eat more to burn more fat.

No more hunger pangs. No more denial. No more cravings. You’ll be happy, full, and contented as you turn up your body’s natural fat-burning thermostat.

Fiction #2
“You must eat so-called ‘low-fat’ food to lose weight”

The Facts:

In principle, the concept of low-fat foods SEEMS to make sense…... but the reality is that 'low-fat foods' are almost singlehandedly responsible for the obesity epidemic in our country.

It's true! Low-fat foods literally CAUSE weight-gain!

Here's the truth:

You NEED fat in your diet.In fact, the only way you’ll ever lose weight – and keep it off permanently – is by EATING PLENTY OF FAT!

My book contains recipes based on the secret 'fat-burning miracle oil' that scientists and nutrition gurus around the world are MARVELLING over.

These fats DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your body's ability to burn fat ... ... and better yet, they taste great!

When you eat enough fat - especially this miraculous 'magical fat' that causes your body's fat-burning metabolism to go THROUGH THE ROOF - your weight loss will become easier (and tastier) than you EVER thought possible.

Fiction #3
“You must eat a low-carb diet if you want to lose weight quickly”

The Facts:

Low carb diets CANNOT help you lose weight over the long haul.As a matter of fact, low-carb diets literally POISON your body!

(Psst - ever wondered why people on the low-carb diet have breath that smells like a SLAUGHTERHOUSE? It's because their bodies have literally gone into toxic shock ... and stinky breath is one of the WARNING SIGNS.)

You NEED NEED NEED carbohydrates to be healthy. And you need LOTS of them!

Without carbs, you’ll experience all kinds of negative side effects, including low energy, headaches, constipation, stinky breath, and a body that's literally CANNIBALIZING itself from the inside out. 

Oh yeah - you'll also be BRAIN DEAD, since the human brain requires carbohydrates to function!

When you know what carbs work best for your own individual body (which is something that my book helps you find out) your body becomes INFUSED with healthy energy, your muscles grow stronger, faster, and you shed your excess weight QUICKLY and EASILY.

The right carbs can TURBOCHARGE your fat burning potential. In The Trimmer Method, I’ll show you exactly which ones you need (and they’re extra yummy!)

Yes, I’m Done Believing Their Lies.
Fiction #4
“If you really want to lose weight, you have to take fat-burning supplements”

The Facts:

Ummmm ... can you say “ridiculous”? Because that’s exactly what this BALD-FACED LIE is. The diet industry is making billions of dollars on this one lie alone.

Supplements and fat burning substitutes are USELESS, and can actually do more harm than good. Does that sound smart to you?

A 'supplement' that claims to HELP your body ... but which actually does the complete opposite?

When you learn the amazing weight-loss secrets I talk about in my book, you WILL Lose weight.

In The Trimmer Method, I’ll show you exactly how to do this in a way that doesn’t require you turn your life upside down. This is smart eating, good eating, plentiful eating, and healthy eating that tastes and feels AWESOME!

Fiction #5
“You must eat ‘diet foods’ if you are serious about losing weight”

The Facts:

The dirty little secret of diet foods is they now include ingredients that create MASSIVE CRAVINGS for more of the same. Have you ever had a certain type of food that claimed to be 'healthy' or 'diet-friendly' ... and then an hour or so later, found yourself IRRESISTIBLY CRAVING more of that same food?

Even if you weren't actually 'hungry' ... you just couldn't seem to get this food out of your head?That's because most 'diet foods' are made up out of BOGUS ingredients that cause HUGE cravings in the human body. We're not just talking about sugar and fat (although those are plentiful enough.)

We're talking about baddies like high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, sugar alcohols, AND WORSE. These ingredients have been PROVEN to wreak havoc with the human body - both physically AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY (which is where those cravings come in!)

You are being lied to, and it’s costing you your health, happiness, and hipster jeans. But you can do something to change that - starting right now. The Trimmer Method is the first step!

Hey, you deserve to know the truth about what's going into your body.
It's outrageous what big business and the diet industry has done.

It’s outrageous what the diet industry has done.But, now that you are equipped with the beginnings of the TRUTH about food, you can make smarter choices.

You can make real change. And, you can choose never to be a pawn in their lies ...

EVER again.With The Trimmer Method, you get what you deserve: THE TRUTH. (As well as a darn tasty way to make it a regular part of your life!)

It will literally TURBOCHARGE your body’s fat-blasting potential ... while kicking your cravings firmly in the butt at the same time.

It is finally time to say goodbye to those annoying pounds and inches… forever!
Yes, I Want To Be Healthy And Happy.
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With The Trimmer Method, you have an all-in-one solution that will permanently allow you to erase the pounds and inches - starting immediately. 

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From Day One, you will discover:
The easiest way to immediately put your fat loss plan into hyperdrive…
How to turn your fave fat-filled foods into fat-loss jet fuel…
How to determine which foods you should eat more of to melt away inches fast…
Why you MUST MUST MUST eliminate the word 'diet' from your vocabulary (and a realistic plan for doing so)…
How to turn your favorite foods into pure weight-losing, muscle-toning power, WITHOUT changing the flavor or ingredients of those foods themselves…
How to live your normal busy life while still losing weight every day - without ever depriving yourself or doing without your favorite foods, in the amounts YOU need to feel satisfied
You are NOT dreaming… this is just a short sample of what you’ll experience with The Trimmer Method!

Filled with page after page of amazing weight loss secrets that are fun, easy, effective and delicious, you’ll be blown away with how simple it is to FINALLY lose that extra weight - in a way that feels good and makes sense to YOU.

No matter how much you want to take off – it’s all possible… when you know the secrets to REAL weight loss.

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Not Ready To Give Up On Fad Diets?

If you think diets work, it’s time to radically rethink what you’ve been taught.

There is not a single diet out there that will help you lose weight quickly AND keep it off permanently.

This won’t happen with low carb diets, low fat diets or even low calorie diets.

The only way you can experience dramatic weight loss – and I’m talking melting away pounds of fat, inches off your belly, and dropping dress size after dress size – is when you find a new way of living that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to ALL the other diets and exercise plans out there...

The Trimmer Method is the ONLY weight-loss program out there that takes YOUR OWN, individual tastes, preferences, hunger levels, food portions, and body composition into account.
If you're interested in being YOUR OWN BOSS when it comes to losing weight ... deciding FOR YOURSELF 'how much is enough', what 'full' REALLY feels like, and which foods you want to eat more of ... 
then The Trimmer Method is the ONLY program that'll work for you!
So, if you want to...
Watch your fat melt away, while c…
Take inches off your waist - even while you sleep…
Feel leaner, thinner and sexier than ever…
Drop pounds so fast it’s almost hard to believe…
Then, you owe it yourself to end your struggle forever!
With The Trimmer Method, you’ll have the only fat-burning system that allows you to:
Eliminate stubborn fat by eating MORE of the foods your body naturally craves!
Do away with hardcore cardio workouts and crunches… get better results by working SMART, not hard!
Learn the real secrets to fast and permanent fat loss that the diet industry has hidden from you… these are the secrets you'll need to TRIPLE your fat loss.
Unless, you want to spend a lifetime (and a fortune) testing all the bogus diet plan out there, The Trimmer Method is the only answer you need to get these great results -
and ALL the secrets you need to know about real food, real bodies, and what it REALLY takes to get happy and healthy TODAY.
I’m Ready To Free Myself From Diets Forever.
Don’t Suffer Through Another One Of THOSE
“Oh, You’re Not THAT Fat” Comments!

Is there anything worse than hearing one of those, "She'd be cute if she wasn't so CHUBBY" comments? Or, even worse, "At least you've got a pretty face" back-handed compliments?

I don’t care if it’s five pounds or 65… when someone makes a comment that shows they think you’re a little heavier than you should be… it hurts at the core, doesn’t it?

One comment can ruin your whole day…

... and send you RUSHING to the nearest mirror, to poke and pinch at your love-handles some more

On days like this, your battle with weight can almost feel like too much.

That’s why I’m so happy about the The Trimmer Method … since losing over SIXTY POUNDS using this program myself, these days, comments about my appearance something I ALWAYS want to hear!

“You’re looking better than ever!”
“Wow, your body looks fantastic… what’s your secret?”
“I’ve never seen you so lean and toned!”
“I swear you look better every time I see you!”
"Is that seriously your age? I thought you were about ten years younger than that!"

This is just a sample of what I enjoy most days, thanks to The Trimmer Method - and are just some of what you've got to look forward to. Seriously!

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I'm Ready To Like What I See In The Mirror.
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With The Trimmer Method, you have absolutely EVERYTHING you need to turn back the hands of time and discover the new and improved, healthier, SLIMMER you. I want you to take a moment and just think about how great that'll really feel.
All-natural - Remove fat without harmful pills, supplements, or any crazy 'gimmicks' …
All-in-one – Stop wasting money on gadgets, pre-packaged food, diet books and gym memberships.
You can lose the weight fast with The Trimmer Method alone!
Safe and Effective – Don’t risk your health, safety (or pocketbook) with restrictive diets. Leave that pain behind forever and get better results starting today!
Look, I created the program and yet I am still stunned with how great it is!
Every morning when I get up and see myself in the mirror, I have to do a double-take.

Just out of bed. It’s just me and my mirror… and you know that mirror NEVER lies.
Well, I don’t lie either, and I’ve got to tell you… I’ve NEVER felt better about myself or my weight in my entire life.

Yep, it’s true… and I couldn’t be any happier.

The Trimmer Method went to work immediately on my whole body – from my problem zones to the places I even thought were pretty OK… it tucked, tightened, slimmed and shaped me ALL OVER.

Fat melted away to show muscles even I had no idea were lurking in there ...

... and for the first time in living memory, I actually had a butt that turned heads!
The Trimmer Method really is the secret you’ve been looking for!
It’s time tograb a copy of my book, The Trimmer Method, to see the results for yourself… it’s the best 'click' you'll EVER make!
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And, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be covered by my…
My 60 Day Ironclad Weight Loss Guaranteed!

I am so confident that The Trimmer Method will help you get the dramatic outcome you need so badly that I’m so happy to offer you a one-of-a-kind guarantee that simply will NOT find anywhere else… Try this amazingly simple program for a FULL 2 months 100% risk-free.

If you don’t lose weight and feel GREAT on my program,I insist you let me know, so I can give you your money back.

And I don’t want you to feel any shame or guilt in asking, either! how to lose 17 pounds guarantee

I have seen the information help thousands of women just like you. Heck, it helped me years ago, and it STILL continues to help me every single day. That's because The Trimmer Method ISN'T A DIET.

It's a LIFESTYLE. And when something feels great, is easy to do, and gives you the body of your dreams to boot, it's pretty EASY to make it YOUR OWN lifestyle!

It works for me ...and I KNOW it'll work for you too. But, if you’re not fully satisfied, I won’t be happy. So that's my promise: follow my program, get the results.

But, if you haven’t lost the weight in 2 months, I need you to ask me for a refund. Guaranteed.

“Okay Tracey, What Does Your Proven Step-By-Step Program Cost?”
If you’re ready to finally lose weight and keep it off permanently, then this program is perfect for you. Are you ready?

If you’re ready to be slimmer, trimmer and happier than ever, I can’t let the price of my program get in the way. I want to see you succeed!

This is the reason why I’m charging less for this groundbreaking system than anybody else on the market today.

Way less than any of those pay-as-you-go membership programs… tons less than those food delivery diet programs… and even much less than traditional diet books, DVDs and eBooks.

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You won’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees – this is a one-time payment only.
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You don't have to buy any special equipment, pre-packaged meals, supplements, meal replacements, or exercise machines, either.
Plus, there are never any small print hidden costs for the personalized customer service that we give every client.
For a low, low price you simply get a PROVEN way to lose weight, have fun while doing it, and keep it off forever that is guaranteed to work.

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Slim-Down Super Bonus #1
Fasting For Weight Loss & Detox:Special Report
$27 value FREE through this website

For more than fifty thousand years, people have fasted as a simple, natural and healthy method of weight loss. It’s also an incredibly effective way of resetting your body’s cravings and food compulsions.

Fasting and detoxing is healing and it’s a fabulous way to rest and rejuvenate your body on your weight-loss journey.

In this fantastic 28-page special report, you’ll learn everything you need to safely cleanse your body of the nasty toxins that have built up over the years.

You will be shocked and amazed at how good you’re about to feel, how clean and pure your body can be, and how young and healthy you can look!

But, believe it or not, that’s only one of THREE incredible bonuses you get when you order your copy of The Trimmer Method today…

Slim-Down Super Bonus #2
Food Addiction
Breaking The Habit: Special Report
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How To Stop Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is the demon of the overweight person. Also referred to as compulsive eating, food abuse, and bingeing, emotional eating is your body's way of telling you that there's something missing from your life.

In this 28-page special report, you’ll discover that when you eat for emotional reasons, you will never ever ‘fill the hole’, because food isn’t what you need. It’s just what you’re trying to use as a stop-gap … and it never works.

Emotional eating happens when you are ignoring one or more aspects of your own personal needs. It might be the need for exercise, for rest, for the company of friends, for conversation, for laughter, for love, for fun.

When you emotionally eat, you’re turning to food to distract yourself from what’s missing. You turn to food to ‘bridge the gap’. In this life-changing report, you’ll learn how to change the way you approach food by addressing your real needs.

This is a real-deal psychological report of emotional eaters and what we REALLY need to cure ourselves of this exhausting, frustrating habit. I’m extremely proud to be able to offer it to you today.

And, finally ...
Slim-Down Super Bonus #3
Speed Up Your Weight Loss
Sculpt A Physique In Just 20 Minutes
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How To Lose Weight Fast ebook

Does losing weight - while eating more food and tightening up your whole body - sound like something you could be interested in? If it is, you’re going to love this 47-page eBook.

It’s going to show you firsthand why exercise out doesn’t have to be hardcore to work. When done right and in moderation it will speed up your weight-loss, rev up your metabolism, build sexy muscles, blast cellulite, actively burn fat, and (ta-daaaah!) even reduce your appetite for food.

Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? If The Trimmer Method wasn’t enough, together with this book, you’ll have an outrageously powerful full-body prescription for massive success.

Heck, these bonuses alone could be all you need to achieve insane results… but they’re just the icing on the cake when you order the world’s most effective fat blasting system available.
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My program is specially designed for real people just like you, with information you can read right on your computer screen, or print and use as often as you want, wherever you are.
In fact, being able to print and reprint the book as many times as you need is great because you’re sure to need extras when you’re cooking one of my amazing recipes in the kitchen or sharing it with your girlfriends.
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I’ve told you about the life-changing results you can expect from this amazing all-in-one program…
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Any more self-esteem when you realize that you could’ve done something about your weight FOR REAL this time?
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